As pioneers in private sector growth, we are shaping the business landscape of the region by investing our capital, experience and expertise where they have the greatest impact.

Propelling Central Africa towards a prosperous and promising future

YAO Corp is a gateway to a diverse range of private and institutional investors that are shaping the future of the region.

We know that success comes from working in synergy with partners and people that have the best interests of the region at heart and who possess the determination and mindset to accomplish sustainable and lasting economic growth.

Our success has been proven and is being repeated by forming deep-rooted partnerships with the best people and enterprises and by working together towards a common goal to propel the region forward and return sustainable growth.

Our ambition is clear: to become the largest regional investment company in Central Africa.

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Our philosophy

Investing in the people
unlocking long-term impact

YAO Corp was founded on the belief that regional challenges can be overcome through the identification and amplification of excellence.

We understand that sustainable development requires collaboration between the private and public sectors, and by shifting from mere transactional investments to strategic partnerships. Our goal is to capitalize on the region's economic opportunities by investing in human capital and nurturing a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are committed to transparency, credibility, and passion. Across our portfolio, we act as a trusted partner, opening new opportunities for serious investors operating in complex environments, leveraging deep local knowledge, and offering profitable partnerships.

Our approach

A catalyst for economic
growth and regional progress

Collaboration is at the heart of YAO Corp. We are fuelled by strong and lasting partnerships with committed investors and enterprises.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of the region with the professional expertise and rigorous governance of our team and networks to invest in innovative businesses that have the potential to become regional, continental or global success stories.

We have created an environment for growth by identifying and supporting the development of pockets of excellence through partnerships, investments and growth strategies.

Our approach goes beyond individual investments. We believe that by strategically positioning each portfolio investment, we can empower the private sector to thrive across Central Africa.

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